The cleantech sector employs more skilled workers than any other cluster in the canton of Zurich – and it’s growing.

Zurich is the most sustainable city in the world, according to the Sustainable Cities Index, and it’s on its way to becoming a 2,000-watt society, something 76.4 percent of the population supports. Two thousand watts per person: that is the maximum our planet will allow in the long term, according to calculations by ETH Zurich, the flagship among continental European universities.

The solution is cleantech – and it’s a hot topic in Zurich: in 2018, for example, 160,000 people attended the Julius Bär Zurich E-Prix, the first Formula E event the city has hosted. Researchers in Zurich are driving forward technological progress in the race against climate change – from sustainable mobility to energy-efficient buildings, renewable energies to the circular economy. More and more start-ups from Zurich’s universities are seeing international success. Every tenth job in Zurich is now provided by the cleantech cluster.

The wealth of expert knowledge and momentum within the cleantech cluster are arguments in favor of Zurich as a congress location. The short distances, excellent public transport network and stunning landscape all help to ensure that environmental experts get the most out of their meetings here. 

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