Daniel Borchert, Manager Convention Bureau

Daniel Borchert is motivated by conviction: in his passion for Zurich as well as issues surrounding sustainability. 

Out of the office, into the Limmat river or the lake – straight into clean, cool water, right in the heart of Zurich. As Daniel Borchert knows, that's what freedom and quality of life look like. He also appreciates the nearby forest, in particular the vitaparcours, the original Swiss outdoor fitness trails. A session in the woods at lunchtime or in the evening keeps him fit.

Since his first summer in Zurich, he’s never wanted to leave. Originally from Rostock and a graduate of a hotel management school, Borchert moved from Berlin, where he had spent 10 years working for hotel chains as a sales and marketing manager.

Since 2012, he has devoted himself to his new home city, working with Zürich Tourism. It’s a passion of his. In addition, he is a member of Zürich Tourism’s sustainability group.

He lives in a Minergie-standard housing development in Glattpark, on the outskirts of the city. The tram ride to work downtown takes just 18 minutes. As the primary coordinator for the cleantech cluster at Zürich Tourism, Borchert maintains a wide network of contacts. He offers advice and facilitates encounters when it comes to bringing cleantech events to Zurich, or even creating new formats.


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Daniel Borchert
Relationship Manager
Zurich Convention Bureau
+41 44 215 40 12
+41 78 956 74 74  

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