Zurich is an important center for the Swiss cleantech sector. Numerous events and conventions are held here every year.

The cleantech industry in Zurich is flourishing. A dynamic network of companies, start-ups, and universities drive forward innovations and ensure an active exchange of knowledge. Just how firmly the topic of cleantech is anchored in Zurich – the most sustainable city in the world – is indicated by the fascinating events and conventions that attract interested people and experts from all over the world each year.

For example, in 2018 the first Julius Bär Zurich E-Prix enthralled 160,000 spectators with its electrically powered street circuit car race. The eDays provided an exciting supporting program focusing on developments and visions relating to environmentally-friendly mobility.

This and countless other events on the themes of mobility, energy efficiency, or circular economy profit from both the dynamic cleantech cluster and the excellent infrastructure offered by the convention location Zurich.

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