Vanessa Reis, Head of Convention Bureau

In her new home city of Zurich, the economist and convention specialist from Cologne, Germany appreciates the fact that all the great things a city has to offer can be found within a small area here.

Vanessa Reis came to Zurich quite by chance in 2012. The well-known hotel chain where she worked in Cologne opened up new career perspectives for her at a hotel in Zurich. She got to know the City on the Limmat through the eyes of a tourist before she put down her roots here. Vanessa Reis grew up in the rambling metropolitan region of Rhein-Ruhr in Germany. She particularly appreciates Zurich’s compactness, for short distances allow great flexibility.

As Sales Director at the Zurich hotel, Vanessa Reis organized numerous conventions for banks and insurance companies – from the initial enquiry right through to the final debriefing. Nowadays, she leads the Convention Bureau at Zürich Tourism. As a qualified economist, she follows the dynamic development of the financial sector with great interest. Banking demands discretion – but Vanessa Reis has no secrets when it comes to giving tips for financial conventions and events.


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Vanessa Reis
Head of Convention Bureau
+41 44 215 40 30

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