Zurich is the birthplace of the ICT solutions of tomorrow and where Google and Disney Research have their most important research centers in Europe.

Switzerland’s largest city is simultaneously its largest center for communication and information technology (ICT). There are 5,000 companies in the Greater Zurich Area, employing 50,000 ICT professionals from all over the world – many of them highly specialized researchers and developers. Zurich is therefore becoming increasingly important at an international level as an ICT location: Google alone aims to create 3,000 new jobs in Zurich by 2021.

Alongside Google, IBM, Disney, and Microsoft also have their own research labs in Zurich’s higher education environment. Its innovation and talent pool also produces the most startups and spin-offs in the ICT sector across Switzerland.

As a financial center, Zurich is currently seeing the rise of blockchain technology. The region has also worked its way up to become a global hub for drone technology: PX4, the world’s most used drone software, was developed by the ETH spin-off, Auterion. Confirmation once more that ICT is taking off in Zurich.

Source Header Image: IBM Research


ICT Firms in Zurich

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