The information and communication technology of many Zurich firms is well worth a closer look. We bring you exclusive access to the digital nerve centers. The scope is large, as the following examples show:

News Flows

The three largest Swiss media companies are domiciled in Zurich. In their influential newsrooms, visitors discover the progressive ways that news is made today.

Transit Flows

A total of 470 trams and buses transport 800,000 passengers per day in Zurich. The data from the busy public transportation network are collected digitally in the control center. There’s no doubt about it: IT keeps Zurich moving.

Helping to Hear

At its premises on the shores of Lake Zurich, the biggest hearing aid company manufactures precision in minute detail: Maximal effect in a minimal format is what the ultrasensitive acoustics segment is all about.

Between Humans and Machines

Cognitive robotics creates symbioses of artificial and human intelligence. A tour of the Robotics Lab shows how robots learn to see, hear, and feel.

A Visit to Software Specialists

The engineers at Noser Engineering are the creative minds behind innovative software projects, such as the Swica diagnostic app, “Benecura”, or the ticketing app, “Abilio”. They were even instrumental in the development of Google Android.


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