You are co-president of the Aesthetics and Art Symposium 2018, which is dedicated to aesthetic surgery and art. Why did you choose Zurich as the location for this event?

Zurich is the ideal location for an international symposium. My professional colleagues love coming here, because the city is a world leader in terms of quality of life. And that is one of the aims of plastic surgery – to improve people’s quality of life.

You speak seven languages and are active in Asia and North America, as well as other locations. How cosmopolitan do you think the city of Zurich is?

 Zurich is a very international city in a geographically top location in the heart of Europe, and offers everything you could wish for. It is an ideal platform for plastic surgery. Here, the exchange of expertise can be perfectly combined with tourism and culture.

Mathias Tremp is a consultant for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, is active at a national and international level, and organizes various symposia in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. med Mathias Tremp

Where do the clientele at your Urania clinic in Zurich come from?

Around two-thirds are Swiss; the remaining clients come from all over the world, from Europe to East Asia.

Does cosmetic surgery still have to contend with prejudices in Zurich, the former home of Zwingli?

 There is still the perception of excessive aesthetic surgery, and the idea that after an operation people do not look natural any more. However, compared to California or Florida, the expectations and beauty ideals of our patients in Zurich are much less extreme, with the result that such over-the-top results are very rare. The art in aesthetic surgery is to ensure that patients still look fresh and natural after the operation.

Where do you think Zurich could do with a facelift?

Zurich is already very young, fresh, dynamic, and in good shape. The city should retain its naturalness; it really only needs a bit of freshening up every couple of years.