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ICT Cluster – the Driving Force for Zurich's Economy 
Zurich has developed into the center for the Swiss ICT sector.

ICT Cluster – the Driving Force for Zurich's Economy

The ICT sector in Zurich

The ICT sector in Zurich employs just under 50,000 people in around 5,000 companies. Major international corporations, such as Google, Disney Research and IBM, are domiciled here.

Particularly gratifying in this regard is the innovative start-up scene. Nowhere else in Switzerland are as many ICT start-ups founded as in Canton Zurich. The reason for this is the numerous business incubators, which help fledgling enterprises through the difficult initial phase. A shining example of this is the promotional organization, BlueLion, or groundbreaking initiatives such as the Impact Hub, which offers work spaces to both start-up and established companies from the ICT sector for collaborative activities.

One major start-up success story is that of Doodle, an online tool that has become indispensable for scheduling meetings and appointments. Doodle was developed in 2003 by Swiss IT specialist and ETH graduate Michael Näf when he wanted to organize a meal out with a number of friends. In 2014, Doodle exceeded the milestone figure of 200 million users per month worldwide! 

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