Design Biennale Zürich 2019 on the Theme of Play

From August 29 to September 1, 2019, this major design event takes place for the second time and investigates the relationship between game and design.

After the resounding success of the premiere event in 2017, the Design Biennale will take place this year for the second time. Over a period of four days, national and international designers from various disciplines will once again convene in Zurich to present their ideas, visions, installations, and projects and to make design more tangible for the public at large.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Visitor Experiences

At the second Design Biennale Zürich, everything revolves around the theme of “Play”. What leeway do designers have today? Who are the players? And do game rules still exist at all? The focus is on projects that transcend rules and expectations and break with familiar patterns of perception and body images.

The program of the Design Biennale offers various exhibition formats:

  • In the Creative Lab at Werkstadt Zürich, designers from a wide variety of disciplines present their projects and ideas on the theme of “Play”. Here visitors are invited to try out, learn, and play along.
  • The Design Parcours at the Old Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich is a new edition of the traditional Vita Parcours fitness trail and shows – in something of a tongue-in-cheek manner – the role that design plays for the user.
  • In the Swiss Game Design Lounge at the Museum für Gestaltung, Swiss game designers present their experimental video games. Interested visitors can test the games or be guided through the exhibition by the developers.
  • In Off-Spaces, partners of the Design Biennale organize workshops, exhibitions, and panel discussions relating to games.

Besides these exhibition formats, talks, walks, workshops, and a pop-up conference will also be held. International names from the field of design provide an insight into their extensive knowledge and skills. Led by a robot presenter, they at the same time become part of an experiment.

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