The group of participants stand somewhat lost in the approximately 15 sq.m (162 sq.ft) large room. There is no window, but instead exotic green vegetation and jungle noises. As soon as the doors are locked from the outside, hectic breaks out. The members of the team have an hour to solve all the puzzles and get past a hungry tiger to freedom.

Numerous padlocked cabinets hang on the walls; while rummaging around, all kinds of jungle animals and mysterious objects appear. And what is hidden in the wooden hut in the corner? In the feverish search for clues, the entire room is turned upside down and the finds are examined from all sides – often without success. No trace of a key that could lead to freedom.

The hour flashes by. Just when time is almost up, the last clue is – with a little help – finally solved and the door opens as if by magic.

Thrilling Escape Games in Zurich

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