Host Successful Hybrid Events in Zurich

The Zürich Tourism Convention Bureau offers all kinds of support for digital event formats.

Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular. They provide an opportunity to bring together virtual and in-person attendees and presenters via a live online streaming platform. This makes it possible to reach a much wider audience – which is great for both the organizer and the budget.

However, every new type of event also brings new challenges. Besides a suitable venue and various service providers, particularly with digital events, a few more things need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure an unforgettable overall experience.

For example, the physical well-being of participants is often neglected at virtual events. Here, too, you need to think about suitable catering options. It doesn't have to be a three-course meal; you could simply send a small selection of local specialties to participants who are attending the event from home. Many restaurants, catering firms, and event venues are now offering this service.

Plan for sufficient breaks and encourage online participants to get some exercise too. This can be an entertaining way to break the ice, especially at the beginning of an event.

In addition to PowerPoint, use other forms of presentation and interaction, such as an interview, a live chat, or online polls. This will keep the audience interested and engaged. Anything that is appealing and can be implemented digitally is permitted.

Free Aids Enhance the Participant Experience

The Convention Bureau can provide event organizers with a wide range of marketing materials free of charge. Take advantage of them to make your hybrid event a resounding success.

Fill the gap between two items on the agenda or during the breaks by showing video sequences featuring atmospheric images of Zurich. Or use a video from Zürich Tourism to set the mood for the presentation by a speaker from Zurich.

Choose an image of Zurich as a background for a speaker who is connected online, instead of a usually not very attractive bookcase. You can find a broad selection of images for this purpose in Zürich Tourism’s extensive database.

Use various text modules about Zurich to make the event location attractive to participants. Zürich Tourism has complied a variety of theme texts for you to choose from.

Place a Zürich Tourism banner on your event’s website: participants who book a hotel room in Zurich via this banner will receive a free Zürich Card city pass from the Convention Bureau.

Plan a small prize draw – as an incentive for completing a feedback questionnaire at the end of the event, for example, or as an activity to provide some light relief between sessions. The Convention Bureau would be delighted to provide you with Zurich giveaways for this purpose.

Put together a virtual goodie bag for the attendees – for instance, containing discount vouchers for well-known products from local manufacturers. The Convention Bureau will put you in touch with the relevant suppliers.

You are sure to have further ideas yourself. The Zürich Tourism Convention Bureau would be only too pleased to help you implement them.