Zurich, Boda Borg

To understand Boda Borg, you have to experience it for yourself.

This is the motto of Boda Borg fans. This is why we gladly accepted the invitation of Claude Hunkeler from Boda Borg to have ourselves convinced on site. After a warm welcome and a short introduction to the world of questing we split up into two groups. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves in the middle of the adventurous missions. We, as confessing Escape Room enthusiasts, were immediately full of adrenalin and tried to master as many missions as possible. Whether mental agility or physical effort, all strengths in the team were required – and thanks to our persistence, we were rewarded with a stamp for every completed mission.

Our Conclusion

The whole team was thrilled with the new experience. We recommend Boda Borg for smaller groups, but also for larger events with up to 250 people. The missions are designed in a way that the participants of larger groups can easily be active at the same time. To round off the program, an aperitif or dinner can also be booked.

Report by Ricarda Jacomet, Zurich Convention Bureau


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