Moped Tour & Sattel-Hochstuckli – the Zurich Convention Bureau Tests Social Programs

On this group excursion, the Convention Bureau team roll through picturesque countryside on mopeds and are transported up to lofty heights: An assessment report.

We meet up in the morning at Zurich Main Train Station and board the InterRegio train. Just 25 minutes later, we arrive in Zug, the starting point of our day trip. We proceed on foot from the station, through the inner city, and down to the lake. Awaiting us on the panorama terrace of the harbor restaurant is our first snack of the day, accompanied by a spectacular view over Lake Zug. Suitably fortified, we leave the restaurant – and there they stand, sparkling in the sun: a line of mopeds, our means of transport for the day. After a few words of instruction, we don our helmets and off we go!

But what’s this – a heavy shower of rain forces us to take shelter. Together with the local fishermen, we wait until the sun is shining again – which according to our companions will be in precisely 7 minutes. Now we set off southward bound. Before long, we leave the city and marvel at the beautiful panorama along the lakeside road. The route takes us past the Animal Park in Arth Goldau to Sattel, more specifically to the valley station of the revolving gondola. An 8-minute journey takes us in comfort up to Mostelberg summit station. We continue on foot over the spectacular, 374 meter (1,227 ft) long suspension bridge, the Raiffeisen Skywalk. From here, we are treated to a breathtaking panorama of the ruggedly romantic Lauitobel gorge.

Our rumbling stomachs finally force us to take a break to refuel – which we do at Mostler’s Q-Hof. Amidst rustic surroundings, we fortify ourselves for the second half of the day, before we return to the valley by gondola and are reunited with our mopeds. Subsequently, the tour takes us past Lake Ägeri to Baar, to the garage of event & more, where the staff are already waiting for us. After handing over our mopeds and helmets, the S–Bahn train takes us back to Zug, where we round off the day with dinner at the Meating restaurant.

Our conclusion: A highly enjoyable team excursion with a high fun factor.