The Product Management Festival, a well-established event in its field, focuses on innovation, communication, digital, industry, software product development, creating the perfect platform for participants to learn, exchange ideas and grow.

The conference succeeded to be among the top 3 trending topics on Twitter in Switzerland, having a great impact on the digital environment.

Zurich was the ideal location to host such an event. With its central position in the heart of Europe, it is easy to reach from any place in the world and just a one-hour flight from the major cities of Europe. Zurich Airport is only 15 minutes away from the city, which offers the advantage of saved time in a world where this has become a scarce resource.

Many global players have opened branches in the city, giving the attendees the possibility to meet opinion leaders from some of the most influential companies of our time like Google and ABB. Zurich is also a financial center. With Fortune 500 companies like Credit Suisse or UBS having their HQ here, the city is a great place for the fintech industry.

The Product Management Festival  took place in one of the city’s cinemas, offering an ideal setting for both an educational and entertaining experience, culminating in the closing keynote speech by music giant Spotify, accompanied by the requisite cinema popcorn.

With over 25% of its population comprised of expats, Zurich is an international hub that is world-renowned for its business opportunities and safety.

Given all the advantages of the city, holding an event in Zurich is a recipe for success. And talking about recipes…we could not overlook Swiss cuisine at our event so we treated our guests to local specialties including Raclette, Bratwurst and Aelplernmagronen in Swiss-style chalets.

We had overwhelmingly positive feedback, and taking into consideration all these advantages people can’t wait to come visit Zurich again.

Iulia Porneala (January 2016)