Success Stories – Events Held in Zurich

Numerous conventions and events are held in Zurich every year – and that with great success. You, too, can benefit from this wealth of experience.

Zurich is an astoundingly beautiful city, located by the lake and surrounded by mountains. It can be easily reached by public transport from all directions until late in the evening. Its gastronomic establishments offer outstanding cuisine and, in conjunction with an out-of-the-ordinary city tour, guarantee a varied and unforgettable experience.
Antoinette Salinas, UBS AG

Many experienced event planners already know the locational benefits that Zurich has to offer: the professional organization, modern infrastructure and, of course, a beautiful geographic location make Zurich a highly sought-after destination for all kinds of conferences and events, and ensure satisfied organizers and guests.

Success Stories
The Swiss Image-Based Screening Conference was held in Zurich on October 12 & 13, 2017.
Dec 19, 2017
Success Stories
The 12th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem was held June 18-22, 2017.
Oct 30, 2017
Success Stories
The Meeting of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies took place in Zurich on May 4–7, 2017.
Oct 19, 2017
Success Stories
From April, 20–22, 2017, the Aging & Cognition Conference was held at the University of Zurich.
Sep 22, 2017
Success Stories
The 20th Colloquium on Personnel Economics was held in Zurich from February 1 – 3. 2017.
Jul 03, 2017
Success Stories
A jubilee celebration with interesting presentations and delicacies of both a culinary and a cultural nature.
Jun 26, 2017
Success Stories
The Zurich edition of the event celebrating Information Architecture attracts 150 participants.
May 19, 2017
Success Stories
Two-day educational-scientific conference on school subjects, curricula and teaching aids.
May 19, 2017
The Conference on (Un) Equal Opportunity and School Development 2017 was held in Zurich on January 19/20, 2017.
May 08, 2017
International competition for secondary students from all over the world.
Oct 05, 2016
The Largest Annual Meeting in the Field of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Nov 04, 2016
22nd Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine at the new Schulthess Auditorium.
Aug 25, 2016
June 9-11, 2016, Kongresshaus Zurich
The Convention was held in Zurich instead of Istanbul.
Jul 13, 2016
It was a very special occasion for the animal that features on Zurich’s coat of arms when the Lions National Convention 2016 was held at the Kongresshaus in Zurich on April 22 & 23, 2016. The motto was «The Lions meet the Lion of Zurich».
Jul 07, 2016
In November 2015, Zurich was host to the Product Management Festival, a two-day conference that reunited hundreds of experts in product management from over 23 countries and 146 companies.
Jan 21, 2016
A large insurance group from Singapore wanted to reward its top employees with a five-day trip. The choice of destination fell on Switzerland – which turned out to meet with resounding approval throughout the guests’ stay.
Oct 06, 2015
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More than 600 participants from more than 40 countries from 5 continents attended the 25th annual European Safety and Reliability Conference ESREL 2015 in Zurich.
Jan 26, 2016
The 1st Evolutionary Medicine Conference on the theme of “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Health and Disease” took place at Zurich University from July 30–August 1, 2015.
Sep 15, 2015
This year, the 4th World Information Architecture Day was held in Zurich, or more precisely, at the premises of the daily newspaper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
Mar 11, 2015
Experts who organise conferences and seminars are regularly invited to take part in study trips in Switzerland
May 04, 2015
The "Wikimedia Hackathon 2014" took place from 9th to 11th May 2014 at the Zürich Youth Hostel...
May 04, 2015
The ACI EUROPE Airport Trading Conference and Exhibition was held from March 26-28, 2014 at the Maag Hall
May 04, 2015
The Worldwebforum was held on March 11, 2014 in the Komplex457
May 04, 2015
Statement by Amie K Devine (October 2013)
May 04, 2015