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Team Excursions and Company Events
With the right team-building activity, a company outing is transformed into an unforgettable team experience.

Team Excursions and Team-Building Ideas in and around Zurich

During these team-building activities, employees and work colleagues become a strong team and experience unforgettable and enjoyable hours together.

Together with work colleagues and team members, Zurich can be discovered in a creative and fun way. There are a number of activities that are perfect for rounding off a company outing, staff event or Christmas party. How about, for example, exploring Zurich on a digital scavenger hunt? On a film shoot, participants have to overcome their inhibitions, while during a cooking course, work colleagues can get to know each other from a completely different perspective.

Games for adults, such as Foxtrail, the Escape Room or a City Murder Mystery, break the ice between work colleagues and strengthen the team spirit.

Tours By Your OwnTeambuildingAction & Sport
German English
Explore Zurich in the course of a digital scavenger hunt, an interactive team event.
By FootTours By Your OwnTeambuildingAction & Sport
German English
Fun on a modern paper chase.
TeambuildingAction & SportSpecial Topic
German English
You are locked in a mysterious room full of riddles. Will you be able to crack all the codes and escape?
TeambuildingAction & Sport
German English French Italian
At this unique team event, your group becomes a creative movie crew.
German English
Spice quiz or guess-the-menu: solve gastronomic puzzles together with your group.
Tours By Your OwnTeambuildingAction & Sport
Be part of a spectacular “criminal case” and conduct the investigation yourself.
TeambuildingAction & Sport
German English
Let your team discover its inner creativity and encourage active cooperation. ...

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