We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and participants can’t wait to visit Zurich again.

Iulia Porneala, Product Manager of Product Management Festival

Highlights of the PMF 

Over 1,200 people from 45 different countries traveled to Zurich to attend the Product Management Festival, giving the event an exceptionally international atmosphere.

A total of 368 companies – including Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, Netflix, SAP, PayPal, and Booking.com – were represented and shared their knowledge and experience in the course of various workshops and presentations.

Every year, PMF features inspiring keynote speakers. In 2019, Shilpa Sarkar (product manager at Instagram), Jacob Bank (director of Product Management at Google), L. David Marquet (retired US Navy captain, bestselling author) and Gibson Biddle (ex VP/CPO at Netflix/Chegg) shared their knowledge about building innovative products, company culture, leadership and the role of the product manager.

Zurich As a Conference Location

Once again, Zurich impressed organizers and guests alike as a conference location. Thanks to its international airport, situated just 15 minutes from the city center, participants can travel to the city quickly and easily from all over the globe. Zurich is an important business hub and financial center. Consequently, attendees had the opportunity to meet with representatives from some of the most influential companies in the world.

Although Zurich is an extremely international city, it also won guests over with its typical Swiss charm. Those attending the PMF were treated to local culinary specialties, such as raclette cheese, bratwurst sausages and Alpine macaroni, all served in rustic mountain-hut style.

What is the PMF?

Since the first Product Management Festival was launched in 2013, it has established itself as a leading event in its field. The Festival focuses on the themes of innovation, communication, digitalization, industry, and software product development. It offers participating industry representatives the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and make business contacts.

In 2020, the Product Management Festival will take place on November 11&12.



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