700 guests, 50 exhibitors, an exciting exchange between experts, pioneers, and interested persons: organizers and exhibitors alike are delighted at the success of the second Swiss Fintech Fair. Christina Kehl, Managing Director of Swiss Finance Startups, and Johanna Bohnert, COO at LEXR, explain why Zurich is the ideal location for the fair and how Zürich Tourism provides its support.

How was the cooperation with Zürich Tourism when organizing the Swiss Fintech Fair?

Christina Kehl: The greatest advantages of working with Zürich Tourism are above all Vanessa’s expertise − she is a very professional event manager – and the network that Zürich Tourism brings with it. On the one hand, it has partners to whom we would otherwise not have access, and on the other, Vanessa’s operational support is extremely helpful.

What advantages does Zurich offer companies and events in the spheres of finance and fintech?

Johanna Bohnert: We are in Zurich because the city is an important start-up hub. This ensures that there are always valuable inputs and ideas, as well as a highly interested audience, like at the Swiss Fintech Fair. Besides great start-ups, Zurich attracts investors and service providers; that makes it very interesting for us to present our solutions here.

What is so special about Zurich as an event destination?

Johanna Bohnert: For me, what makes Zurich particularly special is that it has numerous exciting locations. We have already held events here ourselves, and you can find everything from small, standard rooms to huge, out-of-the-ordinary venues. We are especially impressed by the fact that Zurich also helps start-ups to organize events. They did that with us, too. You won’t find that in many other cities.

Are you satisfied with the second Swiss Fintech Fair?

Christina Kehl: From my point of view, the Swiss Fintech Fair was a complete success. We had 700 visitors from 10 different countries and over 50 exhibitors ‒ mostly Swiss start-ups and service providers, but also international guests. And I think that this mix of traditional banking center and fintech world was a very successful combination for the city of Zurich and for Switzerland.



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