Zurich in Summer: Social Program Example

Team events that feel like a vacation: Zurich is an exciting place with many water activities in summer.

In the heart of Zurich, fresh water bubbles out of the fountain and fills the cup of a thirsty participant. It is one of more than 1,200 city fountains that provide pure drinking water. Zurich Lake and the two rivers Limmat and Sihl, makes Zurich a true "water city."

On this city tour with the same name, there is cool refreshment everywhere on a hot summer day.

After the city tour, the group takes a relaxing riverside break with sweet summer punch. Then the group boards a Limmat ship for Zürichhorn on the lake, followed by an exciting game of miniature golf at the "Lake Side" terrace. What follows next is a classic Zurich veal dish and wonderful lake views. Then the "Töffli" mopeds with 1.5 horse power whiz participants up the Zürichberg, where dessert sweetens the panoramic sunset.

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Program Point 1

Water City Zurich

A lake, two rivers and more than 1,200 drinking fountains gush fresh water: on this sightseeing tour, the group explores Zurich’s wet element.
Program Point 2

Aperitif at the River

The Limmat River flows leisurely past Hotel Storchen. Appetizers and a sweet punch with summer fruits are served under the trees of this historic house.
Program Point 3

On the Limmat Ship

The Limmat ship moors in front of Hotel Storchen and takes participants gently past the Grossmünster up to the Zürichhorn.
Program Point 4


Back on land again, the group plays on the custom-built mini golf course. The most skillful golfer wins a trophy.
Program Point 5

Refreshment on the Lake Shore

Now it’s time for a classic Zurich veal dish with an unbeatable view from the terrace of "Lake Side” where weary mini-golfers regain their strength.
Program Point 6

Moped Tour

«Töffli» mopeds stand ready in front of the hotel. The participants hop onto the iconic mopeds and cruise high up to the Zürichberg.
Program Point 7

Dessert with a View

Dessert is waiting at the Sorell Hotel Rigiblick: brownies, panna cotta and mango sorbet all taste particularly good as the sun sets.

Multifaceted Zurich

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