Forxtrail Hera

On a Sustainable Scavenger Hunt Through Zurich

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We love puzzles as much as we love sustainable initiatives. So when the Department of Environmental and Health Protection of the City of Zurich launches a new scavenger hunt in collaboration with Foxtrail, we naturally have to try it out. Foxtrail even very kindly provided us with the tickets for this adventure.

So on a sunny afternoon in late autumn, we set off. The trail took us from the barrier-free Main Station on a route that crisscrossed the center of Zurich. As we walked, spacious green areas alternated with sometimes extremely narrow Old Town alleys. In the latter, we were even able to briefly immerse ourselves in Medieval times.

Foxtrail Hera
Forxtrail Hera
Forxtrail Hera

The Hera Foxtail is much more than a puzzle-strewn city walk. Along the way, we learned all kinds of interesting facts about the numerous activities by the City of Zurich relating to sustainability. For example, we are now well informed about the air and water quality in the city – and even met a city chicken in person.

Our conclusion: a very educational and fascinating scavenger hunt with a wealth of information on the themes of recycling management, water supply, and sustainable mobility.

Quick Facts Foxtrail Hera

  • Terrain: Mostly flat with some stairs

  • Duration: 2.5 - 3.5 hrs

  • Start: Zurich Main Train Station

  • Finish: Zurich City Center

  • Languages: German, English

  • Price: Adults: CHF 36  / Children: CHF 18
    (Individual offers for groups of more than 18 persons) 

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