THE World Academic Summit

Next event: Sep 10, 2019

Year on year, the World Academic Summit provides an unmissable opportunity for senior managers and expert thinkers to gather, reflect and redefine the key questions impacting higher education globally.

The THE World Academic Summit has rapidly established itself as the preeminent annual gathering in global higher education, bringing together the leaders from the world’s best and most ambitious universities, Nobel laureates, leading decision-makers from government and industry.

This event will unite a top-tier delegation around the core theme of “how talent thrives” for three days of engaging and participatory discussion. Four hundred leaders from the world’s best and most ambitious universities and research-led companies will reflect on what are the optimum conditions for human talent to develop and how some of the key obstacles can be overcome.

Over three days we will explore the nature, context and location of talent in the 21st century. As boundaries between institutions become fluid, we will confront the underlying questions of what is the role of universities in creating the ideal environment in which talent thrives and how universities can ensure that they continue to play a vital and transformative role in the new global cultivation of human development.

A combination of keynote speeches, participatory debates, live polling, case studies and panel discussions, accompanying the 2020 THE World University Rankings data that will be exclusively published during the summit, will support attendees as they consider three key issues.

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