Kongresshaus Zürich – Modernization Project with an Exciting Future

Mid-2017, work will begin to completely modernize and enhance the Kongresshaus Zürich. The credit for renovating the Kongresshaus and the Tonhalle concert hall is scheduled to be put to the popular vote in Zurich in June 2016. According to the current planning schedule, the new venue is due to reopen in the middle of 2020.

In September, the overall renovation project for the Kongresshaus and Tonhalle reached an important milestone. All the parameters for the planned modernization have now been determined. It has also been decided that during the approximately three-year renovation period, Betriebsgesellschaft Kongresshaus Zürich AG will not provide a temporary building at an alternative location. The present facilities will continue to be available until summer 2017.

Besides carrying out major renovation and modernization work relating to the building technology, support structure, earthquake safety, fire protection, emergency exits, building shell and connections, the following measures are planned for the interior: 

  • The entire entrance area will once again be completely open between Claridenstrasse and Beethovenstrasse; it is to accommodate a new bar and will considerably gain in attractiveness, for example, for receptions and drinks parties.
  • The conversion of the existing Garden Room to create a foyer enables flexible new floor space combinations. A new Garden Room will be built facing towards the lake.
  • Adjacent to this new foyer, there will be an additional seminar room; both areas can be opened up onto the new Garden Room, thus creating a large banqueting hall with capacity for around 800 guests.
  • Additional smaller rooms are being built on the area where the present-day Brasserie stands.
  • Creation of a new panorama restaurant with a large terrace, bar and lounge area by demolishing the current Panorama Room, which does not come under the historical building preservation order. This will allow direct access between the concert foyer and the new restaurant.
  • Tonhalle: restoration of the Tonhalle’s large concert hall (built in 1895), modernization and extension of the rehearsal rooms, backstage area and checkrooms

The planned modernization of the Kongresshauses brings many advantages for both event organizers and the general public, first and foremost more attractive event spaces and a new panorama restaurant with a spacious terrace.

Further information about the Kongresshaus Zürich and the modernization project can be found (in German) at www.kongresshaus.ch