Zurich Finance Cluster
Zurich is the leading center for banks and financial institutions in mainland Europe.

The Zurich Financial Center

The Zurich region offers a dynamic and extensively networked environment for the finance and FinTech industries.

The financial industry is of considerable economic and social significance for Zurich. The finance sector employs over 90,000 people and provides more than 2,500 young people in the region with vocational training. The sub-segments, banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers, also belong to the finance cluster.

The strength of this cluster has helped Zurich to establish itself as a major international business center.

Facts & Figures About the Zurich Financial Center

  • Every sixth Swiss franc of economic value and every tenth job in the region is directly generated by the Zurich financial center
  • The banking center generates around eight percent of the economic output in the Zurich region
  • Zurich is the leading financial center in mainland Europe. The city of Zurich is home to a large number of banks and financial institutions
  • In total, around 500 different financial institutions are domiciled in Zurich
  • Zurich is evolving into a FinTech hub. Besides numerous start-ups, incubators and accelerator programs are constantly being set up.

Such a strong cluster has all the prerequisites for forming a vibrant community that is looking for a regular entrepreneurial exchange. For this reason, various events in the field of finance are held throughout the year in Zurich and surrounding region. One of them is FINANCE 2.0, the first and leading Finance 2.0 & FinTech conference in Switzerland. Another key pillar of the finance cluster is the Swiss Finance Institute, with its annual meeting, which brings finance academia and representatives from the finance industry together in Zurich.

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