Zurich’s ICT cluster leads the field in international research. The organizations that support it help to drive forward new developments.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) is at the cutting edge of ICT research and draws the biggest talent in the world of informatics to Zurich. IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Disney are likewise attracted to the ETH and have their own Zurich labs nearby. The University of Zurich and the Zurich Universities of Applied Sciences are other powerful sources of research.

Representatives from science, business, and politics engage in initiatives such as as digitalswitzerland or eZürich to help Zurich, as the hub of Swiss ICT, to become established globally as the leading location for digital innovation.

The business incubator, BlueLion, and the Impact Hub offer startups an important platform and early support. The sector’s national associations are actively present in Zurich, and facilitate and support expert exchange. Thanks to all these factors, more ICT startups successfully get off their feet in Zurich than anywhere else in Switzerland.

Initiatives That Support Zurich’s Top ICT Research