Boda Borg Rümlang

At Boda Borg, daring teams embark on adventurous missions.
On entering Boda Borg, teams of between three and five people leave their everyday life behind them and delve into the fascinating world of reality gaming. Completely without game consoles, monitors, or other digital aids, players embark on thrilling missions: exploring a mummy´s grave, searching a mine for gems, composing a song, or escaping from prison. During the quest, the adventurers need to prove their dexterity and sharp minds; sometimes physical effort is also required.

The games are played in teams of between three and five persons and are available for different levels of difficulty and age. 


Private Tour
German, English


2 hours CHF 34 per person
Day pass CHF 47 per person

Time and Duration

Available on the Following Days

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2 hours / Day pass

Number of Participants 3-5

Additional Information

Operator: Partner company

Contact & Starting Point

Boda Borg Rümlang AG
Oberglatterstrasse 35
8153  Rümlang