Insect Cookery Course

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    Cookery course with insects
    The cooked dishes can be taken home
  • Recipe collection
    Two course instructors
    Professional kitchen
In many countries, they are a standard feature on the menu – in Europe, however, the notion of eating insects is a new and unaccustomed one. During the insect cookery course, curious amateur cooks learn how to conjure delicious food made with mealworms, grasshoppers & co. onto the plate.

During four hours, participants learn about the diversity of edible insects and find out all kinds of interesting information about the contribution they make to healthy, tasty, and sustainable nutrition.


Price Adult150.00

Prices in CHF

Price Special Cases

CHF 150 per person

Time & Duration


4 h

Number of Participants 8 - 50


Private Tour

Private Tour

This tour for groups or individuals is available in these languages
German, French

Additional Information

Grasshopper skewer or mealworm rocher – on this insect cookery course, adventurous gourmets can discover a whole new world of flavors.

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