Zurich Love Stories Tour

Many famous people of the past and present have found true love in Zurich or had their hearts broken here. Our experienced tour guides recount these moving tales of love and loss.

Where did composer Richard Wagner meet the love of his life – even though he was already married? What is the "marriage room" at city hall used for? And who stopped the infamous womanizer Giacomo Casanova from entering Zurich´s Einsiedeln Abbey?

These are just some of the many romantic, funny and tragic anecdotes you can look forward to on this very special tour. All kinds of romances and astonishing secrets lure people to Zurich, the city of love, where lovers are united and hearts are broken.


Public Tour
Private Tour
German, English


Price Adult CHF 25.00
Price for Private Tour CHF 390.00
Subcharge per Additional Hour (Private Tour) CHF 70.00

Time and Duration

Start Time

Public Tour: 17.02.2024, 4pm (German) + 16.10.2024, 5pm (English)


Private Tour: 2 - 3 h
Public Tour: 2 h

Number of Participants max. 20 persons

Contact & Starting Point

Tourist Information
Im Hauptbahnhof
8001  Zürich