Sweet chocolate course

Thirty-five self-made chocolates in two hours: this course turns chocolate lovers into true chocolatiers.

  • Room costs (on own premises)
    Chocolates, packaging, course material, recipe book
    Course instruction
From caramel, vanilla and hazelnut to refined champagne and fiery chili: using seven home-made fillings, chocolate lovers design 35 of their own chocolates and truffles at this two-hour team event.

After an introduction and tasting of various couverture chocolates, the chocolatier shows participants how to fill, seal and decorate delicious chocolates.

At the end, the chocolates are packaged up and all the new chocolatiers receive a booklet with delicious recipes.
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1 - 6 people / two hours, CHF 450 flat fee
7 - 30 people / two hours, CHF 75 per person
31 - 55 people / two hours, CHF 70 per person
56 - 100 people / two hours, CHF 68 per person
Larger groups will receive an individual offer
1 - 6 people pay a flat fee

Time & Duration


2 h

Number of Participants 1 - 100
This tour is available as follows:
All year Every day


Private Tour

Private Tour

This tour for groups or individuals is available in these languages
German, English

Additional Information

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Operator: Partner company