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Anna Göldi – the Last of Switzerland´s Witches

Witch Hunt, Superstition and Judicial Murder. Follow the fate of Anna Göldi at the end of the 18th century and her final days in freedom. A woman who opposed the ruling class and as a result was convicted, sentenced to death and executed as one of the last witches in Europe. Find out about the background to Göldi´s life, this murder sanctioned by law and the torture process, and learn more about the history of the city and witch hunting in the Canton and City of Zurich. 

The Metropolis of Zurich and Morality
Love – Vice – Syphilis: The Metropolis of Zurich and Morality in 1897. The end of the 19th century is fast approaching. The new urban districts are booming. On the one hand, important buildings are disappearing forever, but on the other, Zurich is being transformed into a modern metropolis. On this guided tour, a brothel owner of the day tells about Alfred Escher and Arnold Bürkli and the far-reaching changes they made to Zurich´s urban landscape. And she is offering her brothel services in the times of the new morality ordinance.


Private Tour
German, English


CHF 370 up to 19 persons
Each additional person + CHF 10

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1.5 h

Number of Participants 1 – 35 participants

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Zurich City
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