X-Mas Escape Game

More and more people are discovering the escape game or escape room concept. For the festive season, the Christmas edition of the Team Escape Game provides excitement for up to 200 people.

Santa needs you! A computer virus threatens to take down the navigation software on his sled – worldwide delivery of Christmas presents is at risk. Can you and your team find the essential antivirus software in time? If you want to save Christmas, you have tricky conundrums to solve and challenging tasks to accomplish first. In this game, every member of the group will find out what teamwork really means.


Play the game with colleagues at your Christmas party in your office, conference room, restaurant, or an event location of your choice.

You want to experience the exciting game during the year? No problem, the Escape Game is also available from January to December.

Included Not included
Event leader and moderator dressed as Santa Claus Journey to venue (outside Basel, Berne, Zurich, Lucerne)
Game concept and instructions Prize for the winning team
X-Mas Escape Game with Action Box and many utensils Location search and any venue hire costs
Tablet PC with mobile Internet connection Food and drinks
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  per person
up to 50 persons CHF 79
from 51 persons CHF 59
(minimum charge CHF 1,800) 

Time & Duration

Start Time
  • Date X-Mas Escape Game: October–December, daily
  • Date Escape Game: January–December, daily


1.5 – 2h

Number of Participants 10 – 200


Public Tour

Public Tour

This tour is available in these languages
German, English

Additional Information

Operator: Partner company