Clusters – Increasing Potential for Zurich as an Event Location

Zurich is much more than a world-renowned financial center. Over the years, other economic sectors have been gaining ground and thus contribute significantly towards diversifying and promoting Zurich as a business location. As an important place of work and learning, Zurich also acts as a key interface between business and research.

The Canton of Zurich unites in so-called “business clusters” firms and organizations within the same sector that play a major role in the development of Zurich due to their density of companies, research facilities and educational institutions. This strengthens resident companies and at the same time encourages new enterprises from the respective business sector to set up or settle in Zurich.

Such economic systems give rise to conventions and meetings, for they benefit from the existing network and infrastructure offered by an existing business cluster. It is not least for this reason that meeting organizers search for and find partners in Zurich with whom they can engage in valuable exchanges. Zurich Tourism’s Convention Bureau is increasingly focusing on networking with cluster players from industry, academia and politics with the aim of acquiring additional major conventions for Zurich’s cluster sectors.