Team Building and Corporate Events With Wine in Zurich

Wine tastings, events in a historic wine cellar or a tour of a local winery – discover the possibilities for wine loving teams in Zurich.

Banquets and Receptions With Wine

Recommended Venues

If you not only want to enjoy a good glass of wine at your team event, but also would like to experience the tradition and craftsmanship involved in viticulture, you will find the perfect location in Zurich. Whether in a cozy wine cellar surrounded by bottles and wooden barrels or on a vine-covered terrace - a convivial atmosphere is guaranteed in these restaurants.

Experiences at Zurich Wineries

Wine Producers in Zurich and the Surrounding Region

With a total winegrowing surface of 613 hectares, the canton of Zurich is the largest and most important wine-producing canton in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It is the main growing area of the old grape variety Räuschling, which is particularly tasty with fish. Wine is produced not only in the so-called wine country in the north of the canton, but also on Lake Zurich and even in the middle of the city. Some wineries not only offer their facilities for events, but also organize walks through the vineyards, tastings and winepress tours.

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