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Unique venues in Zurich offering a variety of hybrid event packages and other digital event formats.
Hybrid Event

The concept of the future, which has seen an astonishing development during the pandemic, grew enormously in popularity. Hybrid events are those which are held both in-person and virtually to increase the attendance and reach. This gives hybrid event planners the ability to appeal to much wider audiences.

When virtual attendees have the opportunity to network, chat, and participate as fluidly as if they were physically at an event, they’ll gain far more value from the content and the experience. Numerous venue partners in Zurich offer their customers the technical equipment and the necessary infrastructure for hybrid formats. Refreshments catering services are provided for the guests at the venue and so that the guests attending virtually do not miss out, virtual coffee breaks are also part of the event.


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Need help finding the right venue? The team at the Zurich Convention Bureau would be delighted to assist you in planning and organizing your event in Zurich.

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Free tools to complete the participants’ experience

The Zürich Tourismus Convention Bureau offers a wide range of free marketing materials for a successful event. Organizers can place a Zürich Tourism banner on their event’s website: participants who book a hotel room in Zurich via this banner will receive a free Zürich Card city pass from the Convention Bureau.

Or, how about a raffle – as an incentive for completing a feedback questionnaire at the end of the event, for example, or as an activity to provide some light relief between sessions. The Convention Bureau would be delighted to provide Zurich giveaways for this purpose. A popular give away is the «Virtual Goodie Bag». For example, with discount vouchers for well-known products from local manufacturers. The Convention Bureau will help organizers get in touch with the relevant suppliers.

And last but not least: The Zürich Tourismus Convention Bureau is happy to help implement all ideas and visions of the organizers.

During breaks or to fill the gaps between two items on the program it can be a nice idea to show film sequences with beautiful images of Zurich. Or how about a Video by Zürich Tourismus as a warm-up before the appearance of a keynote speaker from Zurich?


Instead of a not so attractive book shelf, how about a picture of Zurich as a background for the virtual keynote speaker? The extensive database of Zürich Tourismus provides a wide selection of images for this purpose.


Organizers also have access to a variety of texts about Zurich in order to make the place of event tempting to the participants. For this purpose, Zürich Tourismus offers a selection of different media texts.

Media texts

The following agencies and PCOs are happy to offer their support for this purpose

Dr.W.A.Günther Media Rent More
Habegger  More
Time Change Switzerland AG More
MediCongress GmbH More
Congrex More


Aerial View Zurich

Radisson Hotels

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PCO - Dr.W.A.Günther Media Rent

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Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue

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Agency - MediCongress GmbH

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Hybrid City Alliance

The Zurich Convention Bureau has the right partners at its side:

From venues and hotels with the right infrastructure, to technical service providers with the relevant expertise, to agency partners who create content for each virtual platform and support the organizers with a holistic approach.

The Zurich Convention Bureau is proud to be partners with the Hybrid City Alliance, which enables customers to connect with an international network of city hubs.



All you need to know about Hybrid City Alliance in one easy-to-read whitepaper.