Zurich, a Place for Conventions

A compact metropolis with an extremely high quality of living, an important business and science center – and an ideal convention destination.

The Driving Force of the Swiss Economy

Zurich is famous as a banking city, but it is also one of the most important centers for life sciences and ICT in Europe. The cosmopolitan city is Switzerland’s economic and scientific hub, has excellent transportation links, and is characterized by its very high quality of living. 

Connected with the World

With direct flights from over 60 countries and swift links to the city, Zurich Airport makes your arrival and onward journey a pleasant and comfortable one. From baggage reclaim to the city center takes just 15 minutes by train.

Arriving in Zurich

Science and Innovation

ETH Zürich and Zurich University, together with the research centers of major technological companies, provide a breeding ground for pioneering research and innovative start-ups. 

Venues for Every Occasion

From the traditional guild house to the modern business center with all its sophisticated technology: Zurich has the perfect venue for every type of event, whether with 10 or 1,500 guests.

Venue Finder

Customized Social Programs

City tour, scavenger hunt, or outdoor adventure: there is a social program to suit all types of group. Thanks to the wide range of out-of-the-ordinary group experiences, Zurich offers the perfect activity for every event.

Social Programs

Gateway to the Alps

Visitors who can combine their business trip with a few vacation days are in the right place in Zurich. From here, the breathtaking Swiss mountain scenery and picturesque towns can be easily explored on various day trips.

Ideas for Day Trips

When Everything Goes Perfectly

Swiss precision is a cliché for a reason. Zurich’s transportation network borders on perfection – and with the organization of events, too, local partners make sure that everything runs like clockwork.

Testimonials of Past Events

At the EO Unlimited conference, 150 participants from all over the world enjoyed inspiring presentations and workshops, and a colorful social program.
The heart of the Swiss designer scene: at the Design Biennale, tours, workshops, and a conference were held at six different locations.

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