Conventions and Events in the ICT Hub Zurich

Zurich is the Swiss center for information and communication technology (ICT). Here events reach a large community of experts.

For organizers of information and communication technology (ICT) events, Zurich has one of the most innovative networks in the sector and an attractive MICE infrastructure.

Zurich is a global leader when it comes to quality of life, IT infrastructure, and sustainability – much like the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in the university rankings.

IBM, Google, and Disney value its merits as a location and have important research centers here. More than 450 spin-offs and startups underscore Zurich’s capacity for innovation in ICT. Over 5,000 companies employ around 50,000 ICT specialists in Canton Zurich.

Zurich is the ICT center of Switzerland. Business, science, and administration join forces in the ICT cluster and engage in initiatives to help Zurich to become established long term as a global hub of ICT excellence.

With its inspirational ICT scene, a first-class, multifaceted convention infrastructure, the nearby airport, and attractive opportunities for incentives, Zurich is the ideal host city for industry events.

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