September 7–10, 2017: The First Design Biennale Zürich

An important event for Switzerland’s design hub: The first ever Design Biennale Zürich was held in September 2017.

For four days, Zurich completely devoted itself to design. At six special locations in the city, designers working in the most diverse of fields explored the burning issues surrounding the event’s  “Hello Future” theme. How is digitalization transforming design and manufacturing? What can active materials do, and what is the role of experimental design?

From sound-absorbing crystals through doodling machines to experiments with new materials and unusual design processes – the program was packed with impulses relating to all kinds of design disciplines.

In the course of round tours, workshops, talks, and a conference, designers and inquisitive visitors were given ample opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the thought processes behind design.

As home to highly reputable higher education institutions such as ETH Zürich and Zurich University of the Arts, as well as important museums and establishments devoted to design, art, and technology, Zurich is a dynamic center and motor when it comes to design and the creative industries. The Design Biennale provides the vibrant designer scene with an important platform for interdisciplinary exchange and reflects the international significance of the city of Zurich.

The next Design Biennale Zürich will be held in 2019.

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President Swiss Design Association | Guest

Felix Keller

"Zurich is the hub of Switzerland’s creative scene. The influence of people from all over the world can be felt here in this very compact space."
Industrial Designer & Lecturer | Curator

Andreas Saxer

"It was very easy to find partners for the Design Biennale Zürich in the city, whether among institutions, museums, or in places of higher education."
Student Zurich University of the Arts | Guest

Alexander Häberlin

"The international contacts you have here are nothing less than sensational given the size of the city. Zurich is pretty much at the cutting edge when it comes to design."
Drone Costume Designer at Verity Studios | Speaker

Léa Pereyre

"Many things are happening in the Design field, Art field. I have the feeling I keep learning all the time in Zurich."
Student at ETH Zürich | Supervision Robotic Pavillon

Bess Laaring

"I really enjoy Zurich for its public spaces, and I think this is something that Switzerland as a whole does very well."
Computer Designer & Architect | Supervision Robotic Pavillon

Jesús Medina Ibáñez

"One of my favorite places in Zurich is the Botanical Garden, which is in the middle of the city. It’s a place to be discovered."
Student at Lucerne University | Exhibitor

Arlene Moos

"Sure, culture is big here, and Zurich is an international, very well-known location."