EO Unlimited 2017 in Zurich – a Success Story

Four action-packed days, 150 happy participants and a thrilled organization committee: this is how conferences work in Zurich.

EO Unlimited is an event hosted every year by a local chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global peer-to-peer network. At the conference, the focus is just as much on talks and workshops as on an exchange between participants and the opportunity for them to explore the host city together.

The EO Unlimited Conference 2017 in Zurich looked at how entrepreneurs can use economic, social or personal change as an opportunity. Following the talks by international speakers and workshops with local enterprises, the 150 or so participants from some 20 countries turned their attention to another question: What does Zurich have to offer in the way of cultural and culinary highlights? Quite a lot, as it quickly became apparent from the choice of dine arounds, a beach party on Lake Zurich, and an exclusive tram ride to Zurich’s oldest nightclub.

Zurich’s easy accessibility by plane or train, its excellent infrastructure, and its countless possibilities for offering a first-class program of supporting events helped to make the four days in the city an all-out success for the guests and organizing committee alike.

The 2018 EO Unlimited Conference will be held in Tel Aviv.