Discover the Historic Tiefenbrunnen Mill

Quick Facts

  • Guided tour of the mill
  • Bread baking workshop possible
  • Max. 25 participants
  • Duration: 1h (guided tour only) /  1h45 (with bread baking workshop)
  • Can be combined with lunch or dinner at the restaurant
Zürich, Mühlerama
Bread Baking and Tour of the Mill

Immerse yourself in the art of bread making at the charming bakery within a century-old industrial mill in Zurich.

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Our Visit to the Mühlerama Museum

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A fully risen bread dough is already waiting for us as we arrive at the Mühlerama bakery. Now, it's time for us to unleash our creativity as we handcraft our own loaves. Our culinary creations are then left to rise once more, before being baked until they boast a golden, crispy crust. Meanwhile, we embark on a discovery tour through the historic mill, guided by an expert.

Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023
Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023

The Tiefenbrunnen industrial mill looks back on a remarkable history, having stood for over a century. It proudly maintains its status as the oldest operating mill in the Zurich region, churning out fresh flour almost daily. Within the adjacent museum, we are captivated by the impressive array of machinery—wheels, hoppers, vibrators, conveyor belts, and wooden pipes—all working harmoniously. Here, we gain firsthand insight into the intricate process that transforms grain into bread and delve into the age-old craft of milling.

Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023
Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023

The sack slide adds an element of thrill and amusement, whisking us back down three stories in a flash. Slightly disheveled but in high spirits, we return to the bakery, where we are greeted by the irresistible aroma of our freshly baked bread loaves . It's time to prepare lunch!

Our appetite grows as we work together to make fresh tagliatelle pasta. We finally savor our delicious meal in a serene setting  on the shady patio.

Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023
Zurich Convention Bureau im Mühlerama, 2023

For our post-lunch stroll, we opt for a picturesque route along the shores of Lake Zurich, leading us into the heart of the Old Town. Continuing onward, we find ourselves at the Oberer Letten riverside bathing facility. We take out our swimwear and cool off in the refreshing waters of the Limmat River. As the day gently fades, we conclude with an apéritif on the terrace of the open-air bar  Gump

Our conclusion: this program is a perfect choice for groups that relish creative experiences and savor the pleasures of shared activities.

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