Group Experience in Winter

Multifaceted Zurich: a real-life example for team events in the cold months of the year.

By the time the first ice stock speeds over the ice towards the target and at the ice bar the glasses are being filled with mulled wine, all the members of the group are already in a cheery winter mood. This sporting activity is followed by a broad range of experiences, one after another: a night watchman leads the group through the dark, winding alleys of the Old Town, the Zürichberg impresses with its spectacular view of the lit-up city, two blocks of ice are waiting to be formed into festive sculptures, and, to round off the day’s events, participants head for a rustic-style chalet to enjoy a relaxed fondue meal.

This winter’s day in Zurich shows that even in chilly temperatures, the City on the Limmat offers a host of experiences for team events, company celebrations, or excursions with friends. The Zurich Convention Bureau would be pleased to help and advise you in planning your event in Zurich.

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Program Point 1

Bavarian Curling

The ice stocks skim across the ice, the players yell with excitement, and the punch warms the soul. The afternoon kick off with a swing.
Program Point 2

Lindenhof Vantage Point

A 5-minute walk and a climb with a 15m (49ft) elevation later: from the Lindenhof, the group can look out over the glimmering lights of the Old Town.
Program Point 3

Tour with the Night Watchman

The night watchman takes the group on a walk through the narrow, winding alleys of the Old Town, which he knows like the back of his hand.
Enjoy a nice view over Zurich
Program Point 4

Zürichberg Vantage Point

With the night watchman’s stories still in their heads, the group make their way up to the top of the Zürichberg and directly to the next hot beverage.
Program Point 5

Ice Sculpting

Two blocks of ice promote creativity: with the aid of hammers, chisels, and Bunsen burners, the frozen blocks are transformed into Christmas trees.
Program Point 6

Fondue in the chalet

The smell of cheese lures the group into the chalet outside the Sorell Hotel Zürichberg. The day comes to a close with a fondue by an open fireplace.

Multifaceted Zurich

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