Escape Room Games, “Arts Thieves” and “The Last Magician”

For thrilling team events: steal valuable pictures with your gang of thieves or save the world from a fire-breathing dragon.
The choice is yours: break into a museum with your cunning gang of thieves and steal paintings and sculptures worth millions of francs or immerse yourself in a magical world in order to save the kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon that is threatening both people and livestock. 

These two thrilling Escape Room adventures add variety to team events and special occasions. Both Escape Rooms are suitable for groups of between two and six persons and can be combined with refreshments on request. 


Private Tour
German, English


No. of participants per group
2 persons CHF 130
3 persons CHF 150
4 persons CHF 180
5 persons  CHF 210
6 persons CHF 240

Time and Duration

Available on the Following Days

  • Mo
  • Tu
  • We
  • Th
  • Fr
  • Sa
  • Su

1.5 h

Number of Participants 2 - 6

Additional Information

Operator: Partner company

Contact & Starting Point

Snary Mary Adventures
Vulkanstrasse 122
8048  Altstetten