From Sewage to Clean Water

See how the experts cleans tons of cubic meter of sewage water.

See how the experts from ERZ, Zurich Disposal and Recycling Services, in the Sewage Treatment Plant of Werdhoelzli, cleanse between 150,000 and 500,000 cubic meters of sewage water on a daily basis and see where it´s released back into the Limmat River as clean water. In this four part cleansing process, you will witness the solid and solute polluted matter being taken out of the sewage water and learn how the residue of that matter is transformed into something ecological and useful so that our water cycle remains clean.


Private Tour
German, English



Time and Duration

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2 h

Number of Participants 5 - 25

Additional Information

Operator: Partner company

Contact & Starting Point

Klärwerk Werdhölzli
Bändlistrasse 108
8064  Zürich