Zurich and its Guilds Tour

Zurich and its guilds – a union that has characterized the city since the 14th century and continues to be celebrated each year at the Sechseläuten spring festival.

All the locals know it: the annual Sechseläuten spring festival with its legendary "Burning of the Böögg". But what are the origins of this beloved festival?

During the tour, we explain how the guilds were founded and what they mean to Zurich. Participants are also treated to an architectural feast as we pass by majestic guild houses that characterize the city´s urban landscape. We also explore the political and economic effects of the guilds and discuss the reasons why the guilds´ constitution was eventually abolished.

Finally, this exciting tour through downtown Zurich ties it all back to the present day, explaining why Zurich still celebrates these medieval traditions and festivities.


Public Tour
Private Tour
German, English, French


Price Adult CHF 25.00
Price for Private Tour CHF 390.00
Subcharge per Additional Hour (Private Tour) CHF 70.00

Time and Duration

Start Time

Public Tour: 06.04.2024, 4pm (German) + 10.04.2024, 5pm (English)


Private Tour: 2 - 3 h
Public Tour: 2 h

Number of Participants max. 20 persons

Contact & Starting Point

8001  Zürich