How to Plan Conventions

This year, the information event on the theme of convention organization was held for the 12th time, under the motto of “Future Trends in Event Planning”. Further training and networking were the focus of the evening at the Resident event location in Zurich’s Seefeld quarter.

The Zürich Tourism Convention Bureau and other industry experts provided information about their services and the possibilities for conventions in Zurich, and also answered questions from the floor.

Infoanlass Kongressorganisation 2023

Addressing the main topic of the evening, futurologist Joël Luc Cachelin spoke about current developments that look set to shape the event culture of tomorrow.

Three Future Trends That Event Planners Should Be Aware Of

1. Society of Centenarians

The largest future population group wants to be heard and to actively participate. This means that event planners should not only keep track of the needs of Gen Z, but also increasingly exchange information with the ever growing older generation. Only thus can we can ensure that the event experience is suitable for all the relevant age groups.

2. Retro-innovation 

In the search for creative ideas and solutions, we should not just look to the future. Sometimes it is worth looking for ideas that arose in the past but were ahead of their time and therefore not implemented. Changed basic conditions, new insights, and greater technical possibilities mean that nowadays hybrid and decentralized event formats, for example, are in many cases sensible and easy to realize.

3. Re-architecture

The trend is moving away from frontal presentations in the classic convention hall towards interactive spaces. An increasingly popular set-up is based on the example of modern hotel lobbies with large glass facades. Such spaces have an open design and are invitingly bright and airy, with various loosely grouped seating areas that promote exchange between participants.

Tips That Make Life Easier for Convention Organizers

The organization team of “Ultraschall 2022” – a three-country congress on the theme of sonography – reported on their experiences gained in practice. In addition, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas with representatives from various partner companies of Zürich Tourism. During the subsequent refreshments, there was time for further discussions and for making new contacts.

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