On a rainy Thursday evening, a small group of us meet in a factory building in Altstetten to test our new supporting program, “The Art Robbery”.

So on this evening we are going to be art thieves – a very out-of-the-ordinary role for us! The tension is rapidly rising. A quick briefing, then off we go. Our accomplice, Mister X, has set us down in front of the museum in a transport container. Our first task is to get from the container into the museum. After we have achieved this with bravura, we cautiously venture into the museum. Our assignment is clear – to make off with valuable works of art without being caught. With a great deal of inventiveness, we solve one task after another. We have already packed a number of artworks in our rucksacks and are now faced with increasingly demanding challenges. Besides brainpower, the activities also involve a certain amount of physical exertion – bending down, crawling on all fours, and demonstrating stamina. Despite a few mistakes, we manage to get away without being caught and return to the container with almost all the works of art.

The Art Robbery is one of the most thrilling escape games that Zürich Tourism offers in a number of variants. We thought that the program was designed in a very realistic way and we were able to immerse ourselves mentally into the situation. A great supporting program, which we can wholeheartedly recommend!

The Art Robbery  

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