Traditional Folk Music Entertainment

Any event is given a real Swiss touch with musical entertainment by this traditional folk music group.


  • Alphorn playing   
  • Cowbell ringing 
  • Yodeling 

The Illgau folk music ensemble will bring each and every company event or group excursion to a perfect end with their renditions of various traditions from Switzerland and the Central Swiss region.

Illgau is a small village near the world-famous Lake Lucerne, in the very heart of Switzerland. The folk music ensemble entertains teams, groups or clubs in a traditionally Swiss manner.

Thanks to their many different activities – including alphorn playing, flag swinging, an Alpine blessing and a “cowbell piano”, as well as all kinds of weird and wonderful traditions such as cowbell ringing and yodeling – the program can be adapted to the number of participants and the location. The all-in arrangement includes the musicians and their instruments, but not any room rental fees. 


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  CHF 850


Time & Duration

Start Time
  • Date: year-round, daily
  • Departure: on request

ca. 1.5 h


Public Tour

Public Tour

This tour is available in these languages
German, English

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Operator: Partner company