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Ideen für originelle Rahmenprogramme in Zürich


Was läuft in Zürich

The conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from the social sciences in the broad sense as well as statistics, computer science, data science, physics, economics, humanities, and other areas dealing with network science.

ETH Hauptgebäude, Zürich
09.09.2019 bis 12.09.2019
Year on year, the World Academic Summit provides an unmissable opportunity for senior managers and expert thinkers to gather, reflect and redefine the key questions impacting higher education globally.

ETH Hauptgebäude, Zürich
10.09.2019 bis 12.09.2019
The conference will bring together scholars from economics, law, management science and political science as well as stakeholders and policy-makers.

ETH Hauptgebäude, Zürich
11.09.2019 bis 13.09.2019
For the first time, the International Coronelli Society for Globe Studies, founded in 1952, will host a symposium in Switzerland.

Zurich, Zürich
02.10.2019 bis 05.10.2019