Innovation Park Zurich – A magnet for new research projects

In the north of Zurich, a new innovation park starts growing. The unique park will serve as an incubator for the ideas and events of the future.

Whether the rapid advances in digitization and automation, whether changes in mobility, advances in medicine, demographic evolution, or cleantech, all these upheavals are becoming a driving force for innovation and lead to new needs, products, markets and industries. The Innovation Park Zurich will address these needs and act as a bridge between Zurich’s world class universities and the market experience of leading corporations. This new platform for research, development and innovation in the most dynamic city of Switzerland will help to keep Zurichs position as one of the world’s most innovative economic locations.

Key strengths at a glance

  • Highly advanced technology and sector clusters as well as corporate leaders on the global stage
  • Close proximity to internationally renowned universities
  • Value chains are already in place in various attractive clusters
  • Access to a highly qualified talent pool
  • Excellent infrastructure and international transportation network
  • Stable political and regulatory environment, business-friendly
  • High quality of life in the region

Creating space for new ideas

The Innovation Park Zurich aims to expedite the transfer of research into marketable products and services. The park is focused on thematic areas that address current megatrends and that offer substantial potential for development. There are plans to set up a hub for robotics and mobility, a space hub and a block chain hub called «Trust Square».

The establishment of a center for advanced manufacturing technology in the medium term is being explored. The park will act as a magnet for new research projects and thereby support the local economy, create new jobs and further enhance the already strong appeal of the Zurich region and the high quality of life it offers.

Watching it grow

A pavilion will mark the park’s first tangible presence on the site as of summer 2017. It will house an exhibition, meeting rooms and the administrative offices of the Stiftung Innovationspark Zurich. Offices, laboratories and workshops will be set up in the hangers with open, transparent floor plans and shared testing facilities and meeting points. There are plans to offer additional space in new buildings from approximately 2020 on that will meet the specific needs of the residents.


Stiftung Innovationspark Zurich
Neumuhlequai 10, 8010 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone +41 43 259 49 10